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A Look At DISH Network’s Hopper DVR Sports Bar Mode

With the Super Bowl approaching and the NBA in full swing, there are a LOT of games to stay on top of. DISH Network knows that one of the biggest draws for satellite television packages is the variety of sports coverage that’s offered. To further entice the sports fanatics out there, DISH Network offers what […]

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DISH Brings Music To Their Hopper DVR

DISH Network continues to innovate and provide value at no additional cost to their service subscribers. If you’ve been waiting to make the switch to DISH, now is the time. CES 2017 has been an exciting time for DISH. They announced their new AirTV product, Alexa integration with Hopper and DISH Music! Today, we’re going […]

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DISH Network’s Sling TV Cloud DVR Beta

In what can only be seen as a direct response to AT&T’s recent DirecTV NOW launch, DISH Network has announced a new network DVR beta test for Sling TV subscribers. The beta is showcasing what is being touted as a true cloud DVR with up to 100 hours of storage space. When you hear “cloud […]

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The Rise of Subscription Video-On-Demand Services

Blockbuster is dead, remembered only by the grime covered outline of where their iconic signs used to stand. The days of brick-and-mortar video rentals are over. Subscription video-on-demand services (SVOD) are the new bells of the ball and they aren’t going anywhere. What’s so attractive about video-on-demand services? As it turns out, everything. TiVo surveyed […]

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The Rising Costs of Sports Programming

Have you ever found yourself flipping through channels, then suddenly emotionally invested in a televised poker game? You’re not alone. American’s have been watching A LOT of sports television–and that doesn’t just mean football. From the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, and the PGA to poker, soccer, rugby, volleyball and more Americans love to watch sports […]

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DISH Network’s TV Services For Those On The Go

Do you love to travel? Are you a big tailgater? Do you enjoy glamping? DISH Network gets it, and is ready to take your mobile television experiences to the next level. While you may have thought that outdoor television services were impossible, or out of your price range, DISH is here to change your mind. […]

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Netflix Goes Offline

The day people around the country have been waiting patiently for has finally arrived; Netflix has an offline mode. Netflix recently announced an alternative to blowing through your monthly mobile data plan with the ability to download content and watch it without any wifi or data connection. Netflix made the announcement in true 2016 fashion […]

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DISH Network Q3 Earnings Analysis

DISH Network recently released their latest earnings report, illustrating the current state of DISH’s finances and subscriber levels. Following the dismal Q2 report, those in the know have been anxiously awaiting these latest numbers. We know that earnings reports can be a bear to sift through, so we’ve saved you the trouble and included the […]

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Smart Phone Repair from DISH

Most people know DISH Network as the satellite television service company, which is true. With competitive pricing, new technology and the best service in the industry, DISH Network is the obvious choice if you’re searching for a new television provider. However, providing exemplary TV service is not the only thing DISH has been doing lately. […]

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Chicago Extends Amusement Tax

The idea of amusement taxes being applied to restaurants and bars is not a new one. However, Chicago is the first to begin including satellite television services in that tax. Earlier this November, the city of Chicago served notice that its 9% amusement tax now also applies to businesses that subscribe to satellite television services, […]

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