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The Differences Between Digital and Analog Television Broadcasts

The television has been improving ever since its invention. From black-and-white, to color, to flatscreen, to curved screen, to high definition, to 3D–the TV has undergone some serious changes. One of the biggest changes over the last few years isn’t even with the physical hardware of your television, but with the signal that your television […]

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Free HD Programming For Life!

We know that choosing a television provider can be difficult. With so many providers, services, and packages it can be difficult to find the right fit. Luckily, we are here to help! DISH Network offers top-of-the-line service and so many different packages that you’re sure to find the one that’s right for you. Today, we’re […]

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What is Digital Television?

Digital television is advanced broadcasting technology transmitted as digital signals rather than the analog signals from the past. Advancements in digital television technology elevate how you watch TV by improving signal, picture, sound, compatibility, and interactivity. All TV stations have been required to broadcast solely digital television since 2009. Better image resolution and sound quality […]

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What is High-Definition Television?

When you look at the world around you you’ll notice that everything you see looks crisp, sharp and clear–no matter how close you get to it (if you have good vision.) But when you look at generated representations of the world, like photographs or movies on a screen, you’ll notice that the image is rarely […]

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